G.E. Bakelite radio STUNNING model 107 ORIGINAL restored and working 5 tube set!,美国代购,买对网

G.E. Bakelite radio STUNNING model 107 ORIGINAL restored and working 5 tube set!

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Welcome to Oldradiodaze!

All of our restored radios will be given full inspection to ALL components and ALL checked and replaced where needed,including all adjustments done with the proper test equipment and refined tuning for a restored optimum performance! Only in certain cases will we sell sets from estate sales ect. on a "AS IS " bases and this will be stated in the description BELOW!


    Offered in this auction today we have this VERY NICE FACTORY ORIGINAL G.E. "CLASSIC" Marbled Bakelite model 107 All American mid size 5 tube AM table radio post-war ca-1948. Selling as restored original WORKING condition with a 6 month warranty in writing. Gorgeous BOLD DECO design that exhibits one minor cosmetic repair (see photos) for a 70 year old vintage radio!

The cabinet,dial,chassis,and all internals are ORIGINAL factory condition in and out with NO scratches,dings,cracks or dull finish,only a small area on the cabinet bottom left repaired thin hairline out of sight hardly noticed! This radio is selling in Excellent looking & Working condition for Display & Play!

      Post War BOLD dark chocolate Bakelite cabinet design with subtle marbled Bakelite,and original knobs with original felts,the slide rule lower dial is MINT as shown,and no marks or etching loss on the station numbers,retaining the original classic model 107 look.

 The rear cover is excellent retaining the solid loop antenna,the power cord has a modern style plug end in the interest of safety! The bottom cabinet has the factory label still fully intact!

        The chassis is in restored original condition. Sound quality is excellent with plenty of volume from the excellent speaker with nice mellow tube audio working well with the internal loop system! "No wire antenna needed" A radio you can play and display with pride representing the post war radio boom from the late 40s era! 

We will carefully pack for safe delivery to you and as always we insure all of our radios for shipping.This radio is very difficult to ship and many have been destroyed during shipment due to improper packing. We will pack this set to prevent this and fully insure!!.Better be "safe" than sorry shipping this radio!!The overall dimensions are as follows >>>>12W, 7 1/2" H, and 7 1/2" Depth

We are Totally committed to bringing you the BEST in antique preservation we can provide!
  If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with our restorations "Please" return the radio you purchased as it was delivered to you in the same condition within 30 days of purchase.

Our commitment is to YOU as a highly valued customer!

We sincerely hope that you will be happy and fully satisfied with your antique radio purchase. And we hope you'll experience the same enjoyment that previous generations of Americans did while listening to that very same radio!