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Welcome to my site! You will find here only high quality items, with accurate descriptions and photographs, no photo-shopping, exactly what it says on the tin! Just please understand that images are highly magnified to enable you to view every detail. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask and I will answer as quickly as possible.

Listed here is only a small selection of our stock, please email us if you can't find what you want.

High quality bespoke jewelry service also available!

Video link: - Sorry there is no video for this item, on more expensive items eg. over $500, I will provide one on request if needed.

Our auctions:

These are generally items that are surplus or we do not want, whilst there is nothing wrong with them they are not of the same quality as our fixed priced items, eg - they will be small, some will have inclusions. Please be realistic, you will not find expensive, premium quality items listed as a $0.99 start auction! They are clearance items, have fun with them as 90% of them finish way below our actual cost!

Fixed price:

These are premium items, top quality gemstones, which we will never auction, period!

Shipping & Combining items:

Will be shipped ASAP after payment is received, normal delivery time to the States(other countries vary) is 2-3 weeks via registered airmail. If you need your items quickly please use faster courier shipping which takes 3-7 business days(depending on location). Please allow more time for public holidays, especially Christmas and New Year. Ultimately there are occasional delays, please be patient and contact me before opening disputes with eBay. This day and age, packages do not go missing, they will always arrive!
Tip!! - If you need your items fast, please pay for courier shipping. Long term customers of ours may request a longer combing period to offset the cost of courier shipping! Orders with a total of more than $1000 will be shipped free of charge via courier.

You may combine as many items as you want over a 7-10 period, but all items must be paid for at the same time. You will pay only one shipping fee.
Tip!! - Our fixed price items all have free shipping , buy one and combine with auction item(s) and you will not need to pay anything for shipping.


Please feel free to ask questions if you are unsure about anything and I will answer quickly and honestly. There is a no questions asked return policy and no re-stocking fee

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