LOCKABLE Jersey Shadow Box Wall Display Case Frame 98% UV, Football Baseball,美国代购,买对网

LOCKABLE Jersey Shadow Box Wall Display Case Frame 98% UV, Football Baseball

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Jersey Display Case, Hardwood Frame, UV Protection Acrylic , 

with Pin-Board to pin Jersey on for better look, Free Jersey Hanger included. This will give you 2 options to display different jerseys. The pinboard works better for football jersey. The hanger works better for baseball, basketball, or hockey jersey. 


Many sellers don't provide you with the hanger or Pin board for the jersey. They sell you the display case only and you would have to use the regular cloth hanger which looks cheap. 

Item shown above: Black Finish  with a low glossy protective coat (Jersey not included). If you do not see the item picture above, please click the "Reload/Refresh" icon of your browser.

Dimensions: 31.25" H X 23.25" W X 1.5"D        Weight (net): 10 lbs
Interior Dimension: 30.5"H X 22.5"W X 1"D

Product Description
This would be a great way to showcase and present autographed or memorable jersey. Hardwood frame present a elegant appearance. This would be an casual method displaying that special athletic jersey that you want to treasure. Brass hinges,  with LOCKABLE door latches, and wall brackets to hang. UV Acrylic door cover to protect from dust and damage. We provide the pin-board for you to pin the jersey on for display. That works best for Football or Hockey Jersey. You can also custom cut the pin board yourself to make it work for baseball jersey. We also provide include a hanger which give you another option to display. The hanger works best with Basketball Jersey. 

Reasons why you should buy from us: 

1. Our products are protection with UV Protection Acrylic. Make sure you get UV Protection Acrylic for sport collectibles. That is because the UV acrylic lasts a lot longer than "tempered glass". For tempered glass the UV Protection material are applied on the surface of the glass which will erode within 2 years. For UV Protection Acrylic the UV blocking material are mixed with the base material during the making. So, it is automatically built-in and lasts decades. 

2. We made this with beechwood which is a premium strong and sturdy wood with less weight. The display case is lighter so it spares more weight for you to load your stuff. And the less the weight, the safer to hang (common sense). less likely to fall down as comparing to heavier display cases. We engineer the structure of this frame with lighter weight without compromising the integrity of quality. We guarantee our display cases are made very durable and strong. 

Be careful with other sellers selling display case and claim "wood-weights". There products are much heavier because their display cases are made of very cheap "veneer" or Pressed particular board. That is why they claim "wood-weight" instead of solid wood. Don't get ripped off by the "wood-weights" particle board product.

3. We velvet Acid-free Velvet Lining on the interior backing. That is important for the protection of your precious jersey because that prevents friction between the jersey and the backboard.  All other sellers has exposed pressed board. 

4. You can verify the quality of our product by looking at our extraordinarily high positive feedback. We are specialized in making sport collectible display cases.

5. If the product is damaged during shipping or defective you ave covered 100%. We replace at our cost, period.  Our damage rate is less than 1%. Our defective rate is even lower.

Most Asked Question:
Q: Will this fit your jersey?
It depends on how you want it displayed. if you want the jersey fully extended that you will need a much larger one. If you adjust the jersey to fit the frame, for example, just show the number, name, and sleeves, and fold the extra part to the back then it one would do. 
The best thing to do is the lay the jersey on a flat surface. Try to fold it to fit the given measurements for this frame. if you get what you wanted then this is right.  Please see other sizes in our eBay store or contact us.

We strive on providing the finest craftsmanship on all of our products and customer service is our highest priority.  Our quality is Satisfaction Guaranteed.  In manufacturing, each piece of natural hardwood is hand selected to provide the best raw material for our display cases.  While our cases involve an extensive amount of handwork, our craftsmen have used only the finest woodworking techniques.

Our collectible display cases' gives you all the principles of "Value": Great Price, Quality, Durability, and Functionality...which you will love today and tomorrow.
(Winning Bidder: eBay/PayPal will send you an invoice with the option of leaving me a message where you can let me know which finish you want.  Thank you)

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