Natural Antique Red Coral Organic Untreated Necklace 100 % Original Old 珊瑚自然之星,美国代购,买对网

Natural Antique Red Coral Organic Untreated Necklace 100 % Original Old 珊瑚自然之星

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   I give 100 guarantees that all of my coral adornments are 100% authentic.

100% without any artificial interference .

100% old manual processing!

  The coral color corresponds to 100% of the photos! Huge dark bloody red Coral

Size of the largest grain - 21 to 12,5 millimeters.
Size of the medium grains - 7 per 10 millimeters
Size of the large grains - 16 per 10 millimeters
Size of the smallest grain - 7 per 5,5 millimeters.

Perfect master work. Old Vienna. Silver gilt magnetic fastener. Print 925 and signature of the master. There is a stamp indicating natural coral. The buckle plays a certificate of the end of the 19th century!

  The necklace is really beautiful. Of course some of the grains have small dots and white spots, but that's normal. The real necklace is a unique jewel in itself!

Weight - 98 grams

Total length of all coral grains - 62 centimeters!
  Colleagues will be happy to combine multiple items into one shipment. 

    With the - great pleasure to answer your question.

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   Thank you.