Metal Wall Art Sculpture by Jon Allen Handmade Silver Decor - Synchronicity

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    • 品牌: Statements2000
      颜色: All Natural Silver (Not Painted)
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    Original Abstract Metal Wall Art Modern Contemporary Sculpture


    "Beautiful piece and second from Jon Allen. Quick shipping and well packed." - eBay buyer mkushner10

    "This is a beautiful piece; definitely one of my favorites & only 3 days to ship." - eBay buyer jt32503

    "Fantastic sculpture and great shipping!!! Will buy from again. Keep em coming!!!" - eBay buyer randyrandy614

    "Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your talent!!!! I need more!" =) - eBay buyer cirque_lover

    "Absolutely love this! This is my 2nd one! Gorgeous! A+" - eBay buyer cindernewfie

    "This is the sixth piece we have of his, and they are all awesome" - eBay buyer gatorfloral

       It is my great pleasure to offer you this stunning hand crafted and signed original work of art. I have designed this All Silver Wall Sculpture to express the mesmerizing qualities and light-capturing brilliance of metal.

       The intricate textures I hand grind and polish into the metal reveal layers that build dramatic illusions of depth and dimension. This All Silver Wall Sculpture will be especially appreciated in person.

       You and your guests will marvel as the brilliant glimmering light seems to interact with the metal as you move around it!!

       I carefully create each piece with the highest quality materials. Wall mounting brackets are pre-installed and ready to hang on any surface and in any direction. I have shipped my gallery packed artwork all over the world with the confidence that my artwork will remain brilliant and bring many years of enjoyment.

       This piece is the perfect frameless alternative to add class and sophistication to any room. Especially, since you're looking for a dynamic Metal Wall Sculpture that will dramatically energize your home, office, or garden.

    This is your


    Private Collections of Jon Allen's Metal Wall Art

    Below are the detailed facts about your sculpture.

    Product Details  
    Title Synchronicity
    Sculpture Condition New -Signed by the Artist
    Size 64" x 24" x 2" (Display size shown, mounted with 1" spaces in between each panel). 
    Medium High Grade rigid Aluminum plate
    Gallery Price $ 995.00
    Color & Paint All Silver (Not Painted)
    Fabrication Methods &

    The dynamic patterns that appear in this work of art are hand-textured into the aluminum. The highly-reflective qualities are enhanced when exhibited under good track lighting or spot lighting, creating intense depth and highlights that come alive with movement as you view the artwork from different angles.
    Hardware & Assembly
    Bracket hardware is included as well as a measurement guide and easy to follow mounting instructions. (Screws/nails are not included.)
    Lighting Suggestions


    All sculptures and wall art are photographed under vibrant light sources. The greater the light source the more dynamic the conversation becomes. Quartz halogen bulbs are suggested, typically found in track lighting.
    Special Requests Custom designs are available to orchestrate the “look and feel” you desire.
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    Communications are required within 7 days from the time the piece is received for refund or store credit to be considered. Any pieces that are to be returned must be padded and packed safely within the original box or equivalent quality packaging for a full refund to be granted. The shipping costs for returning a non-defective piece is the responsibility of the buyer. Each piece will be inspected upon receipt to determine condition and validity of return.

    All pieces of art are sold "As Is", each piece is a hand crafted piece of art with its own personality and unique nuances. All pieces are limited editions based on the original piece.

    Contact You can call us at (561)249-1587.

    Jon Allen

    Sculptor, Jon Allen, developed his passion for structural minimalism at an early age. His exposure to famous architecture, museums, and galleries around the world, has provided influence and inspiration for his design aesthetic. A graduate of the Ft. Lauderdale Art Institute of Design, Jon Allen built on the core foundations of materials and industrial processes; mastering the fusion and fluidity of geo-organic shapes with a solid contemporary edge. Through his composition, Jon Allen captures his audience with an explosive collision of spellbinding pattern complexity and modern simplicity.

    An accomplished artist, who possesses a keen eye for harmonizing order, balance, and elegance, his accolades include memberships in juried art communities, guilds, and associations, and has placed artwork in over 200 galleries, in the United States alone. Through his company, Statements2000, Jon Allen continues to exhibit his award-winning collections domestically, and has expanded to the international scene. Having perfected various design techniques, Jon Allen applies multi-dynamic compositions to highly reflective metals, to create the signature "WOW" factor. His limited series of original, fine art sculptures are displayed worldwide, from the corporate halls of Manhattan, NY, to the exclusive estates of Manchester, UK.

    “Art exists as an intangible theory when hands are idle; only an engaged hand can visually exchange the theory to others.” - Jon Allen

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