Honma BIG-LB iron set, (3-11,SW), 5 Star, 24K gold, RH, used, original!,美国代购,买对网

Honma BIG-LB iron set, (3-11,SW), 5 Star, 24K gold, RH, used, original!

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You are bidding on a used set of Honma BIG-LB irons. These clubs are in  original  condition.  These are the 5-Star model which means 24-K gold in the cavity.  This is the top Honma iron with the 5 star rating.  New these sold for in the thousands of $. The clubs were made in Japan and say this on the hosel of the heads.  They all have matching serial numbers (3593258).  The set makeup is: (3-11, SW),  (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,SW) which is a total of 10 clubs. The set is: right hand.  They have the original Honma installed  graphite shafts called: New Super Ferrite Carbon Light by Honma,  Type-T, R-1, (regular flex).   The shafts show some paint wear/chips just above the ferrules as you can see in the pictures.  Yes these are pictures of the actual clubs so please check them closely and you be the judge of the condition. The length of the #5 iron is about:  37 3/4" long.

The #11 iron is missing the small plate on the back ( it says: Gold*****24K) as you can see in the picture.   The  #5, 6, 8, 9, 10,11,  have some of  the gold in the cavity worn off in places as you can see in the pictures.  
The clubs have the original Honma cord grips that are quite worn, torn, and need to be replaced..   A neat find for the Honma fan on one of their top of the line iron sets.  A potential Bargain with   a low starting bid and no reserve.  Happy bidding!