Dads old baseball cards. Unopened packs from 20 years ago. Huge Lot!,美国代购,买对网

Dads old baseball cards. Unopened packs from 20 years ago. Huge Lot!

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Best Deal on Ebay!!!!!!!

I have over 60 different types of packs and years to pick from

You can order up to 10 lots and will not get a duplicate pack!!!

 Can't get better Cards or a better deal!!!

Dads old baseball cards!

Liquidation download!!!

Mom says they have to go!

Dad collected cards when he was a kid and now we need to get rid of them.  We need the space for our toys.

  Hundreds of Thousands of cards.  Dad's loss is your gain.

You are bidding on 100 baseball cards. All in unopened packs that haven't been touched.

Shipping is Free!!!

We have every major brand of card made back in the 80's and 90's.

Dad collected these when he was young so I'm sure they will make great gifts for young kids either for a birthday or even Christmas which is comeing up soon.

What a great stocking stuffer.  How would I know... Well what do you think mom got me!! :)

And the great thing is the kid gets the cards but you get to enjoy them with him because you know the players.. :)  2 Wins!!!

These will be in Wax packs, Celo Packs, Rack Packs, and Foil Packs

No worries you will not recieve one pack of 100 cards of the same brand if you order one.

I try to mix them up as best I can.  I probably have around 50 different makes and years of cards to mix and match.  

Most of these cards are between 1987 and 1995.  But I do have a few older ones and newer ones that will be thrown in on occasion.

The best part about this auction is that you get FREE SHIPPING no matter how many you buy!!

And With every 5 lots ordered at the same time I will throw in an extra lot of 100 cards.

So you get 600 if you order 5 lots.  And to better that deal buy 10 lots and I'll throw in

3 lots free so an extra 300 cards which would make it 1,300 cards.... :)

Now others are telling you what you will get. I'm going to tell you what

I have always put in and will continue to do.

There is always a 1987 pack and 1989.

I put at least 1 pack from 1981-1986 for every purchase of 5 lots.

If you buy 10 there is at least 3 and sometimes as many as 7 in there.

If you buy 20 or more it will go up because I appreciate the larger purchases more.


Each lot will have at least 100 cards in it.  Never less than 100!

I will also guarantee a chance at some great rookie cards from some of the best years of cards ever.

Here are just a few cards you might pull out of the packs that are in these lots!

And many more!
Don't forget the Bonus if you buy 5 lots I will throw an extra lot in free!!!
One thing I must tell you.  There might be gum in some of these packs.  Please don't chew this gum!!!!
Also this gum might have stained a pack or two, this is one of the reasons I put extra cards in.
Thanks for looking!!
Lets all be real too.  All the cards in the pictures are not included.  Not like I can give 1,000,000 cards away for $7.
What's in the pictures is where I draw the packs from.
Will ship within two buisness days.  I do not ship small items on Thursday's.  But I do ship on most Saturday's though.
At this time I am only able to ship in the US. Sorry but shipping out of the United States cost to much.