Ancient Roman Legionary Silver ring Legio I Italica time of emperor NERO RARE ,美国代购,买对网

Ancient Roman Legionary Silver ring Legio I Italica time of emperor NERO RARE

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SOLID SILVER - Wearable - 10.20 grams !!!
- 19.00mm. = 0.76" Inner diameter
NOTE : You yourself can adjust your size, because this beautiful and unique RING is silver and the silver has plasticity properties !!!

Ancient Roman Legionary Silver ring military Imperial army 

Engraved Abbreviation : 

> CAESAR NERO CLAUDIUS ( FULL Name of the Emperor NERO  )

IT ( Name of the Legio : Legio I Italica ) 

I ( First 

L ( Legio 

Legio I Italica

Legio prima Italica ("Italian First Legion") : the epithet Italica is a reference to the Italian origin of its first recruits) was a legion of the Imperial Roman army founded by emperor Nero on September 22, 66 (the date is attested by an inscription). There are still records of the I Italica on the Danube border at the beginning of the 5th century. The emblem of the legion was a BOAR.

More information (English language) click here : Legio I Italica

More information (German language) click here :  I Italica 

This ring was probably owned by Roman CENTURION of the legion (the commander of a century in the ancient Roman army ) !!! True historical masterpiece - Museum quality !!!

Dear buyers, please keep in mind that we are dealing with ancient and antique items. You should not expect ancient and antique items to be as brand new ones. They always have some degree of wearing. Please, take care to examine the photos and read descriptions; Thank you.

I do not restoration not repaired or renovated this item - to preserve the unique authentic antique ancient condition.

Outstanding dark patina. On the detailed pictures, the buyer can see the condition of this item, good condition – strong ! Beautiful unique very nice old patina !!! A fascinating and rare ancient Roman piece from a fine collection.

This is the most amazing ancient Roman silver ring that I have ever seen. 

This ancient item will make a welcome addition to your collection.

ATTENTION : Dear Customers, you will receive exactly the same item which you see on the pictures, not similar or other. Please read the description carefully and review the photos. All items, which I sell, are captured with high - photographic equipment and the photos, which I insert in my auctions, are with high resolution. The photos are absolutely clear and the potential buyer can truly identify the item, which purchased. Photos are not further processed by specialized software!Upon purchase my item, you will receive exactly the same item which you saw on the photo !!! Please if you are not sure you want purchase the item not bid and not make offers in my auctions - the pictures are CLEAR with opportunities ZOOM for expansion so that you can perfectly identify all the details of item !!!!!!!!

SHIPPING : If you purchase several items I will do combined shipping- and will make discount for an expense of shipping !!! We ship this Item from Bulgaria via USPS service 5-19 working days World-Wide delivery, item will be carefully packaged, with number for tracking consignment !!!

Thanks and have a nice day. Good luck and happy bidding